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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Terror in Arizona; Time for Real Gun Control, in Honor of 9 year old Christiana and Congresswomen Gabby

Where did the Tuscon deranged killer by his weapon and bullets: WALMART.  YES, a local walmart in Arizona; just walk in and buy your glock ammo!
    We need smart, legal, constitutionally tested GUN CONTROL NOW!
     In Virginia or Texas for example, one can see just how easy it is to walk into a Kmart or Walmart, and browse the rows of Guns, Semi Automatics, Pistols, Rifles, etc....  Its sick. Its demented.  We must wake up America and Stop this cavalcade of Murders and Guns!  WHO HUNTS WITH A GLOCK!
    As an intern in Washington DC with my local Congressman, Robert Torricelli, I remember his sincere belief in GUN CONTROL as an American imperative.  Three Weeks ago in Newark, I learned to my horror of the cold blooded shooting of five kids, 9 blocks from the school I tutor at!   Eight shootings, drug gang land battles, happened within a one block radius of my parking lot in Newark!
     America is suffering under an EPIDEMIC of Gun related Violence, that must stop.  Newark is at the epicenter of Homicidal Drug related gun play, weekly.  (yet the mayor cuts 160 police jobs!).  The Arizona massacre shows how easy it is for any unbalanced crazy to get a glock!
     We must stand up to the NRA and Palins and seek clear, strict, yet Constitutionally appropriate Gun Control, to stem the deadly epidemic threatening our children and safety.
     The Second Amendment of the US Constitution is a creature of the 18th Century, when Standing Armies where feared, and mustering of a local militia was necessary for the common defense.  To muster your local town militia in early America, statutes where in place stating each able bodied man must have a working musket, for purposes of the common defense, the militia.  Today we do not rely on a militia for our defense.
     The rural South developed  a culture of Gun ownership as part of possies necessary to round up - run away Negro Slaves in antebellum America, circa 1830's.   Gun ownership was the means to enforce Slavery in the South, to stem the tide of African Slaves escaping to free Northern States.
     Law must evolve with the times.  Militia's are no more. Slavery is gone.  It is time for effective Gun Control.  We must send a message to our 'original intent' Supreme Court Justices!  The time for action is now!  Write or Call your Congressman or Congresswomen today; call the the Supreme Court today, and stop the Bloodshed!!   Gun Control must be equitable, strict, and enforceable!  For Christina and Gabby, let reason, and common sense, and justice triumph!    Jay H. Bernstein. (sources: NY Times and  NPR  1/13/11). (member Syracuse University Rifle Club).

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