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Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to fight your insurance company/ New Jersey Storm Damage

How to fight your insurance company/ New Jersey Storm Damage Fall 2011.
Jay Bernstein, Volunteer pro bono attorny, NJ Bar Mass Disaster Relief Program

     Hit with the trifecta  of the Halloween Storm, Hurricane Irene, and the Sept. Flooding, many in
New Jersey are reeling from the devastation, and damage caused by wind, rain, loss of power and flooding.

    Home owners insurance policies have proven inadequate.  Major insurance companies are fighting tooth
and nail valid claims from damage from electrical outages, sump pump failures, and major flooding.

     Before hiring a lawyer you can do simple appeals that may reverse your denied claim:
(a) Demand a full updated copy of your Home owners insurance policy.  See what applies to your situation (IE wind damage, electrical black out, etc...)

(b)  Appeal in writing the denial of benefits.
     - directions of who to write to and how much time you have to write will usually be on the back or attached to your denial letter.  It is too your benefit to appeal, as higher ups in the Insurance Company may be more willing to review the denial.  Keep appealing.

(c) Contact an Attorney to Help you fight within the statutory time period.

      Insurance is their to protect us.  The insurance companies continue to have windfall profits in NJ,
no matter the disaster, as they continue to hike rates, and withhold payouts.  Insurance is your right.

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